We offer accommodation in class room or at hotel.

Guest card (class room) costs 925 SEK per person includes:
  • Lodging in clas room 2 nights
  • 3 lunches (Friday-Sunday), 2 dinners (Friday-Saturday) och 2 breakfasts (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Transports with tournament buses
  • Free entrance Tom Tits Experiment (value 175 SEK)
  • Free entrance aqua landSydpoolen (value 60 SEK)
  • Possibility to rent mattresses (75 SEK per person)

Guest card Plus costs 1050 SEK per person and also includes
  • Lodging 1 extra night (Thursday to Friday)
  • Dinner Thursday and breakfast Friday)

Hotel card / Hotel Card Plus includes 2-3 nights at hotel with breakfast at the hotel. All other offers the same as the guest card. Amounts for hotel cards:

Single room: 2190 SEK or 2990 SEK (Plus) per person

Double room: 1740 SEK or 2250 SEK (Plus) per person

Three bed room: 1590 SEK or 1950 SEK (Plus) per person

Four bed room: 1490 SEK or 1820 SEK (Plus) per person

It is also possible to only order hotel rooms (breakfast included):

Single room: 740 SEK per room and night

Double room: 910 SEK per room and night

Three bed room: 1080 SEK per room and night